How to Spot the Best Swivel Glider

How to Spot the Best Swivel Glider

Congratulations, you’re having a baby! Now, you have made the exciting announcement to your family and friends. The next thing is being excited about baby stuff.

You’re now probably buying cute clothes, toys and baby essentials that you see in Costco, Amazon and other stores. It seems like there are thousands of different contraptions and other things that you should buy for your infant.

But one thing is essential once your baby comes: a swivel glider. It is not only built for babies, but also for parents to add comfort for nursing their babies – during late night feedings or getting the baby to sleep.

It also serves as a place where you can comfortably bond with your baby. It is a comfortable place where you and your baby can share precious moments from hearing their heart beats to sleep to saying their first words.

A swivel glider is a type of rocking chair made of padded seats, padded wide armrests and sometimes pockets. It glides back and forth, helping the baby feel comfortable and putting them to sleep. It also helps parents rest their arms while feeding or cuddling their baby, or simply spending a relaxing time.

Swivel gliders have been used by families for generations. They have become a household essential even when the baby outgrows it.

Questions for choosing the best swivel glider

Today, there are hundreds of swivel gliders in the stores. How to spot the swivel glider can be challenging and exhausting. To guide you, here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Are there any long term plans for the swivel glider?
  • Will it always be in one room, or be transferred to another room after some time?
  • Does it need to come with a footrest or ottoman?

Factors in choosing the best swivel glider

When choosing a swivel glider, here are important things that you should examine. If one factor is not present in a swivel glider, it does not mean that it is not the best one. The best swivel glider fits your preference and personal choice. Here are the factors:

Sturdy frame

The frame makes up the most important part of a swivel glider. It supports the overall build of the chair. Therefore, it is important that the glider has a sturdy frame that supports different body weights, does not squeak and glides smoothly.

Check for exposed moving parts, sharp edges or gaps in the framework. When you see one, it is not a good indication on the construction of the frame. A sturdy frame also makes the glider last for years.


What make a swivel glider comfortable are the padded seats and wide padded armrests. The seat should be wide enough so that you can easily change positions. The arms should be wide enough too, in order to support your arms when carrying your baby.

The swivel glider should also have enough back and head support and is just the right size for your body. You should also be able to reach the floor at a comfortable angle. Some gliders has built in side pockets where you can store baby essentials and other items.

Easy to clean

Another factor to consider when choosing the best swivel glider is the ease of cleaning it. The seat cover should be removable and washable. This allows you to spot clean the cushion and help it be clean and fresh all year long.

When cleaning the cushion seat, proper ways should be applied. We have a separate post on how to clean nursery gliders.


Also, think of the possible uses of the swivel glider once your baby outgrows it. Will it be part of your house? Some swivel gliders can be transformed into stationary chairs by simply adding separate feet. Swivel gliders are types of nursery gliders that are not explicitly made for a nursery.

Swivel gliders should be versatile enough so you can make the most out of them.

Matching ottoman

Does your swivel glider need to be paired with an ottoman? Do you need furniture where you can rest your feet? A matching ottoman that is made to pair with a glider works well and moves in the same motion.

The best swivel glider does not need to have all these features. The important factor to consider is your preference and your future plans for purchasing a swivel glider.

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